Today's challenge

Climate change is generally regarded as one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world today.

The earth is warming up, mainly due to man-made greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, produced by the burning of fossil fuels for transport and energy. The challenge we face is to use energy as efficiently as we can.

Automated Demand Response (DR) directly addresses some of these challenges: it allows energy suppliers & transmission grid operators to look to energy users to relieve the energy market and the grid of excess demand at critical times, while stimulating energy efficiency.

Historically, energy companies have activated fast reacting power plants to eliminate grid imbalances. This is expensive and emits vast amounts of CO2.

Today, automated Demand Response (DR) is increasingly used to balance the grid, emitting less CO2 and at lower cost. 

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Services for businesses

REstore is a leading European Demand Response Aggregator, specialized in automated Demand Response (DR).

REstore offers substantial Demand Response payments to power consumers to briefly curtail their power demand at critical times. Without any negative impact on the industrial process or output, and without any upfront investments. 

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Services for utilities

REstore is a leading European Demand Response Aggregator, specialized in automated Demand Response (DR).

REstore offers aggregated balancing capacity to energy suppliers and transmission grid operators, by steering electricity demand. Our disruptive, automated Demand Response technology platform FlexpondTM delivers power similar to Open Cycle Gas Turbines, at lower cost and less CO2 emissions. The first useful Virtual Power Plant, truly delivered, today.

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Why REstore

REstore’s Demand Response (DR) service for businesses is smart. We offer DR payments for existing curtailable power. And it gets even better. Thanks to our automated platform FlexpondTM, we maximize these payments.

Our Demand Response service is instantly operational. REstore uses the intrinsic flexibility in industrial processes. REstore implements and covers any additional cost, keeping your investments and operational efforts to zero.

Our Demand Response service comes without risk for businesses. They remain in full control of their automated industrial process at all times. 

By joining REstore, businesses also reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating peaks in consumption. Join us today!

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Our clients

At REstore, we take great pride in helping businesses earn money while saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

We have extensively demonstrated our technology, in multiple Industry sectors. Leading organizations that run a diverse set of industrial processes, often mission critical, have decided to work with REstore to monetize their intrinsic flexible power.

We have successfully offered our balancing power to major European and global energy companies such as EDF, National Grid and Elia, both on energy trading floors of energy suppliers as well as dispatching rooms of several European transmission grid operators. 

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REstore is a leading European Demand Response aggregator, specialized in automated DR.

The company was founded in 2010 by Pieter-Jan Mermans and Jan-Willem Rombouts. The team has grown significantly between 2010 and 2013, to serve our clients in the UK and in Belgium.

FlexpondTM is our proprietary, patented technology platform, developed to turn DR into a virtual open cycle gas turbine.

REstore has offices in the UK and in Belgium. It currently offers balancing capacity to Elia, EDF and National Grid.

The company successfully raised more than € 4 million venture capital in series A and B capital rounds. Our shareholders include VC investors LRM, AXE Investments and Ark Angel Fund, along with entrepreneurs and industrial families.

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